Inkscape the Name

There aren’t many things in Inkscape for which I can take clear credit, but I can take credit for the name. I coined it back in October 2003, when I was brainstorming for prospective names before the fork.

After the fork, we tossed a few names around, but everyone seemed to like “Inkscape”, and it stuck. Fortunate, as I think I’d already bought the domain.


So, here’s this little word I made up one October day, plastered on the side of boxes, web pages, and who knows what else. There is now a large and growing group of people all over the world who call themselves “Inkscapers”. I’m hearing it now from people I’ve never met, in places I’ve never been before, with greater and greater frequency.

It’s like being the butterfly whose flapping wings ignited a benign hurricane, washing the very shores he calls home.

Except, it’s not my hurricane. I’m not the only butterfly.