Back From SPX

Back from SPX! A good time was had by all.

Notably, I had the chance to plug Inkscape to one man without whom Inkscape might not have existed: John Allison. I don’t know whether he’ll look into it, but at least he knows about it now.

See, some years back (late 2002, I think), someone pointed me at his then-new webcomic, done in the vector stylings. Its combination of slice-of-life narratives with dry wit and the macabre struck a chord in me, and I became a regular reader.

It was about the same time that I began to get serious about starting my own webcomic, and seeing what John A. was doing with Scary-go-Round made me want to go ahead and try doing my own comic as vector graphics (the existing artwork at that time — the “Year of Doubt” cover — had actually been done in partly in Photoshop and the remainder in The GIMP).

Problem: To do this, I needed a vector graphics application for Linux. After some hunting around, I found Sodipodi, which was more or less sufficient for my needs. So I started using Sodipodi and started contributing patches.

(Less than a year later, I would begin my campeign for a fork.)

I do not believe that the fork would not have succeded without any one of the four founders. I wonder if Bryce, Ted, or Nathan have similar stories about particular occurences that got them involved with Sodipodi and thereby set them on the road to Inkscape?